Is delivery available for my area?  Find out below!

We deliver Mondays through Saturdays Only!

To find out if and when we deliver to your area, locate your zip code from the list provided below and match all pertinent information attached to that zip code - Zone Name, Order Deadline, Delivery Day, Time and Delivery Fee.  If you see one of our delivery Trucks in your area but do not find your zip-code listed in any of the delivery zones, we may have accidentally over-looked something, please call or e-mail us and we will correct it.  Please note that the cost of delivery is based on both the Zip-Code that a customer resides in as well as the Order Sub-Total. Generally, an order above $65 may pay less for delivery than an order of a lower amount. Therefore, the associated delivery fee for each delivery zone is based on an average.


 Zone ID Zip-Codes   Order Deadline  Fee  Delivery Day
Downtown L.A. 90012, 90013, 90014, 90015, 90017, 90021 48Hours prior from $3.99


L.A. North. 90290, 91301, 91302, 91320, 91361, 91362, 91377, 93021, 93063, 93065, 90401 THURSDAY from $5.99


L.A. South. 90034, 90045, 90230 FRIDAYS from $4.99 MONDAYS
 L.A. West. 90402, 90401, 90025, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90272
THURSDAY from $3.99
L.A. East.        
L.A. Central 90046, 90005, 90212
from $5.50 WEDNESDAYS
L.A. Mid-City.        
Orange 1        
Orange 2        
Orange 3        
Orange 4        
Orange 5        
Orange 6.        
Ventura A. 93035 THURSDAY from $10 SATURDAYS
Ventura 2.        
Ventura 3.        
Santa Clarita 1. 91387  SATURDAY from $9.00 TUESDAYS


For a more accurate calculation of the delivery fee for your Zone and Order, read below.

During the checkout process, on the "viewcart page", you are able to see and select your delivery method, delivery option and get the delivery fee for your area or zone.  Use the "Calculate Shipping Cost" feature on the shopping cart page(refer to the image below).  Enter your ship to address State and Zip-code and click "Get Rates." Our online store will calculate and return a delivery fee based on your Zip-Code and Order Sub-Total.  You may also be given a shipping quote as an alternative just in case you may want your order before our regular delivery day to your area.  Note that the alternative shipping quote is an approximate cost based on your cart items total weight.  Please refer to the Organic Food "Shipping Info" page for more information on that feature.

shipping estimate image