Jan 24, 2017, 01:44:59

"Im a shut-in and I was so pleased to see I can order fresh produce. I can't wait until it gets here."


Sep 9, 2011, 18:12:22

"I love the convenience of having T.G.L Organic deliver their fresh organic produce to me. Its a wonderful treat. Your Fresh Organic Produce is fantastic and absolutely delicious. I've never found any other place that has better quality produce. Thanks a BUNDLE!"


Jun 6, 2011, 16:46:24

"Thank you T.G.L Organic!
I have been telling about the great service of T.G.L Organics to a lot of people in my area and to my Friends and neighbors. I hope you keep getting more and more orders. You are the best! Cheers!


Mar 15, 2011, 12:50:40

"Great! Simple! Excellent Products! We cannot and do not want to live without your service, Man. I hope everybody wise up to your company. Keep up the good job! "


Feb 26, 2011, 18:17:25

"I really love your produce and am happy to have discovered your home delivery service! Got my shipment today and got to say "I am quite happy with everything". Thank you sooooo very much."


Feb 10, 2011, 18:38:06

"T.G.L Organic does not only deliver fresh organic groceries to my door at a very reasonable price, they also suggest other Organic Foods that helps me keep my Family Healthy. You are truly a company that cares! Thank you so very much for being the company that I can rely on.



Feb 4, 2011, 19:43:05

"We got the shipment and so very happy with the quality of your Organic Food. Thank you for providing us with this great service!

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