organic fresh blueberries

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Anti-Oxidant Galore! The Organic Fresh Blueberries, either Wild or Cultivated, contains an array of naturally existing and organic chemicals that helps the body prevent and fight the fierce and destructive rampage of 'free-radicals'. The colored pigments of the Organic Blueberries, like its close relatives the Organic Cherries, Organic Plums, Organic Red Cabbage, etc, are powerful Anti-Oxidants! Though not scientifically proven, many believe that these berries help 'blast away stomach fat and bulge'. A powerful chemical known as Anthocyanosides, contained in Blueberries, have been linked to the preservation of vision. Even though the Wild and Cultivated Blueberries are very high in anti-oxidant content, the Bilberry is actually the most potent of the berries in this family. Top your Organic Salads, mix into your smoothies or just snack on a few or as many as you want. Your body will love and thank you for it!