organic fresh strawberries - lb.

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Not only are Organic Strawberries delicious and scrumptious, they also pack a few health benefits. Vitamin C at the top of these list. Important health benefiting Phyto-nutrients and Anti-Oxidants make up what is a well balanced piece of fruit. Organic Strawberry is abundant during the summer months but are available almost all year round. Note that the amount of natural sugars contained in these organic fruits are different at different times of the year and the season. Since its conventional counter-part seem to be plagued by a really high level of pesticide toxins, we strongly suggest that only the Organic Strawberries be consumed. Other Organic Fruits and Vegetables that have shown alarming levels of these toxic pesticides are:


We continue to do our very best in the way that we package and protect the Strawberries, however, we have found that the Organic Strawberries like the Raspberries do not tend to ship well due to occasional rough handling of shipped packages by or commercial carrier. We ask that you make your purchase choice with this important information in mind.