organic black seeded grapes

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Containing so many heart, skin, lungs, eyes and just a total body health benefit, the Organic Black Seeded Grapes can either be eaten just for its wonderful sweet taste above and beyond its numerous health benefits. It contains Quercitin and Reversatrol. Two compounds that have been attributed to the fight against heart diseases by protecting LDL Cholesterol from free-radical attacks. It also contains Saponins which is also known to help in the absorption of cholesterol.

  • Helps fight Migraines
  • A good body toxin flush
  • Helps prevent Lung, Breast, Liver and Prostate Cancer
  • Prevents Macular Degeneration
  • Its fatty acid help return luster into dull hair.....
  • ...the above is to name a few.

Organic Seeded Black Grapes