Organic baking goods and sweeteners

Organic Baking Goods

Bake your hearts out!
Select from organic gluten-free flours, sprouted flours, healthy organic sweeteners, organic oats, bran, raw cocoa beans or nibs. This is like an organic baking superstore.
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Item #: supF-Chia

organic chia seeds
$18.59   $17.99 per lb.
In stock
Organic Chia Seeds is known and found to have twice the protein of any other seed or grain, even the Organic Hemp Seeds or the Organic Flax Seeds . It... More

Item #: supF-cacN

organic cacao nibs
$17.99   $14.49 per lb.
In stock
Fair Trade Organic Cacao Nibs

Item #: supF-cacP

organic cacao powder
$7.99 per 6oz.
In stock
Organic Fair Trade Cacao Powder

Item #: bre-oats

organic thick rolled oats - 1.5lb.
In stock

Item #: bre-ste-oat

organic steel-cut oats - lb.
In stock

Organic Palm Sugar - Healthy Sugar Alternative

Item #: swee-palm

Organic Blonde Palm Sugar - 16oz.
$5.49 per 16oz.
In stock
The Organic Evaporated Palm Sugar, produced from the nectar of tropical coconut palm blossoms, is considered 'Nature's Perfect Sweetener'. Naturally Low on... More

Item #: swee-turbi

Organic Turbinado Sugar - 16oz.
$3.99 per 16oz
In stock
The Organic Turbinado Sugar is....Pure, Simple and unfooled around with, sugar the way it is meant to be. This Certified Organic Turbinado Sugar is great... More

Item #: swee-aga-raw

Organic Raw Agave
In stock
The Organic Raw Agave Syrup is a sweetener made from the pulp of the Organic Agave Plant. A naturally Low Glycemic food, 55 on the GI Scale, the agave is... More

Item #: swee-hone-raw

Organic Raw Honey
$14.99 per jar
In stock
The Organic Raw Honey! Busy Bees, playing their tune in harmony with the universe....Can you hear the buzz? The people who bring this honey to you have a... More