Organic Dried Fruits and Snacks

Organic Dried Fruits & Snacks

Yummy Dates, Figs, Cranberries, Raisins, goji berries and many more, make up this delicious section.
Dried Fruits, Snacks and Trail Mix home delivery and nationwide shipping to your door.

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Item #: snac-cran

organic dried cranberries
$7.99 per 12oz.
In stock
Our Organic Dried Cranberries have no added Sugar, Sulphur or Oil as compared to others in the market. Lacking these added ingredients makes these... More

Item #: snac-cherr

organic dried cherries - unsweetened
$12.99 per 8oz.
In stock

Item #: snac-pear

organic dried pears
$9.99 per 8oz.
In stock
Organic Dried Pears

Item #: snac-rais

organic thompson raisins
$3.99 per 8oz.
In stock

Item #: snac-mango

organic dried mango
$16.99   $14.99 per lb.
In stock

Item #: snac-apple

organic dried apple rings
$6.39 per 8oz.
In stock

Item #: snac-goji

organic dried goji berries
$16.89 per 8oz.
currently, out of stock
What is called organic dried goji berries is also known as - wolf berries or snowberries. Grown in the vast landscape and high altitudes of the Himalayans,... More

Item #: snac-figs

organic dried mission figs
$8.99per lb.
In stock
The Organic Dried Figs. Commonly referred to as a "fruit", the fig is actually the "flower" of the tree. This is due to the fact that the flowers and... More

Item #: msc-dates

organic dried medjool dates
$10.89 per lb.
In stock
The Organic Medjool Dates are considered my many as the "diamond" of dates. Characterized by its larger size, superior sweetness and just the right... More

Item #: snac-cocoD

organic coconut rolled dates
$7.99 per pak.
In stock

Item #: msc-ging

organic dried crystallized ginger
$5.59 per 8oz.
currently, out of stock
From Gingerbread to Ginger Ale to Ginger Beer to Ginger Snap, all these wonderful foods owe their unique and pungent taste and flavor to the Organic Ginger.... More