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Aromatic Organic Herbs - Local Hand Harvested Organic Salad Mixes
This is a really delicious selection of products. Had an Organic Cilantro and Cucumber Juice lately?
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organic baby spinach

Item #: gree-baby-spin

organic baby spinach - pak
$3.89 per 8oz.
In stock
The Organic Spinach is a Nutrient-Dense Food. It is loaded with Flavanoids(an antioxidant that protects the body from damaging free radicals), Vitamin K,... More

organic braising greens - organic young vegetables

Item #: gree-brai

organic braising greens mix
$5.99 per 8oz.
currently, out of stock
The Organic Braising Mix should not be confused with Organic Spring Mix. This is a great mix of young organic leafy greens such as organic collards,... More

Item #: sal-sprin

organic mesclun salad - spring mix
$3.59 per 8oz.
In stock
Organic Mesclun Mix is a combination of visually appealing, sometimes wild, varieties of baby lettuces. First used in France as a way to tantalize the... More

Item #: sal-arug

organic baby arugula greens - 6oz.
$3.99 per 6oz.
In stock
Organic Arugula, with its 'peppery and distinctive' flavor, lends itself very well to raw salads, flash-cooked vegetable medleys, etc. Thought to possess... More

Item #: sal-rom

organic baby romaine salad - 6oz.
$4.69 per 6oz.
In stock

Item #: herb-pars

organic fresh parsley herb
$2.39 per bch.
In stock

organic fresh basil herb home delivery

Item #: herb-basi

organic fresh basil herb
$2.39 per pak.
In stock

Item #: herb-ciln

organic fresh cilantro herb
$2.29 per bch.
In stock

Item #: herb-rose

organic fresh rosemary herb
$2.29 per pak.
In stock

organic fresh oregano herb

Item #: herb-oreg

organic fresh oregano herb
$2.39 per pak.
In stock

Item #: herb-thym

organic fresh thyme herb
$2.29 per pak.
In stock

organic fresh mint herb - cooking herb delivery los angeles

Item #: herb-mint

organic fresh mint herb
$2.49 per bch.
In stock

Item #: herb-dill

organic fresh dill herb
$2.39 per pak.
In stock

organic fresh chives - organic fresh herbs - the good life organics

Item #: herb-chiv

organic fresh chives
$2.49 per bch..
In stock

Item #: rt-beet-top

organic beet tops - leaves
$3.99 per bch.
In stock