Organic Fresh Vegetable Sprouts and Hard or Soft Squashes

Organic Sprouts & Squashes

Nutrient Packed Young Sprouts is just the beginning!
Picture yourself receiving our Organic Zucchinis, Butternuts and even the Winter Squashes right at your door
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organic sunflower greens

Item #: gree-sunf

organic sunflower sprouts
$5.19 per 6oz.
In stock
Organic Sunflower Sprout Greens have a mild and slightly nutty flavor. It bares a lot of similarities to the Organic Alfalfa Sprout, only crunchier. The... More

Item #: msc-okra

organic okra
$12.99   $9.99 per lb.
currently, out of stock
Organic Okra

Item #: spro-pea

organic pea green sprouts - 6oz.
$5.49 per 6oz.
In stock
organic pea sprouts is the baby off-shoot of the pea grain. A good source of micro-nutrients and valuable enzymes, the pea sprout is excellent in salads,... More

organic fresh brussels sprouts - organic mini cabbage

Item #: spro-brus

organic fresh brussels sprout - lb.
$8.59   $7.89 per lb.
In stock

Item #: spro-mixe

organic mixed bean sprouts - pak
$3.99 per 5oz.
currently, out of stock

Item #: spro-broc

organic broccoli sprouts - pak
$3.99 per 4oz.
In stock
Organic Broccoli is very good! The Organic Broccoli Sprouts are actually really even better. At as young as a few days old, the Organic Broccli Sprouts... More

organic wheatgrass - flat or cut - organic sprouts

Item #: spro-whe1

organic wheatgrass flat -20"x20"
$19.99   $16.59 per flat
In stock
If there is a more complete good for you food, then this is one of the top contenders. the organic wheat-grass is the young sprout of the organic red... More

organic fresh zucchini

Item #: squ-zucc

organic fresh zucchini - lb.
$3.69 per lb.
In stock

organic yellow zucchini squash

Item #: squ-yllw

organic yellow squash - lb.
$3.99 per lb.
In stock

organic butternut squash

Item #: squ-butt

organic butternut squash - ea.
$5.69 per ea.
In stock
The organic butternut squash is a rather versatile squash. It can be roasted, steamed, boiled, blanched and sautéed, etc. How do you say 'yummy butternut...

organic sunburst squash - patty pan squash

Item #: squ-sunb

organic summer squash - lb.
$4.29 per lb.
currently, out of stock
Organic Sunburst - Patty Pan - Summer Squash. This beautiful squash has been know to be called any and all those names. Whatever you decide to call it... More

Item #: squ-acorn

organic acorn squash
$4.45 per ea.
In stock
the organic acorn squash is a rather versatile squash. it can be roasted, steamed, boiled, blanched and sautéed, etc. how do you say 'yummy acorn squash soup'?

Item #: squ-dump

organic sweet dumpling squash
$2.39 per ea.
currently, out of stock