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Organic Superfoods

These Phyto-Nutrient rich foods are essential for Healthy Living!
Organic Superfoods go the extra mile in nourishing the whole body!
They are just a little "more SUPER" than other everyday foods.

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Item #: snac-goji

organic dried goji berries
$16.89 per 8oz.
currently, out of stock
What is called organic dried goji berries is also known as - wolf berries or snowberries. Grown in the vast landscape and high altitudes of the Himalayans,... More

Item #: supF-cacN

organic cacao nibs
$17.99   $14.49 per lb.
In stock
Fair Trade Organic Cacao Nibs

Item #: supF-cacP

organic cacao powder
$7.99 per 6oz.
In stock
Organic Fair Trade Cacao Powder

Item #: supF-beeP

bee pollen granules
$10.99 per 8oz.
In stock
Bee pollen Granules Superfoods. Either Natural or Organic, Bee Pollen is said to contain every single nutrient needed to sustain human life. Praised as... More

Item #: supF-mulb

organic wild dried mulberries
$15.05 per lb.
currently, out of stock
organic wild harvested and dried mulberries

Item #: supF-maca

organic raw maca root powder
$15.89   $13.59 per 8oz.
In stock
organic raw maca root powder

Item #: supF-Chia

organic chia seeds
$18.59   $17.99 per lb.
In stock
Organic Chia Seeds is known and found to have twice the protein of any other seed or grain, even the Organic Hemp Seeds or the Organic Flax Seeds . It... More