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Organic Chia Seeds is known and found to have twice the protein of any other seed or grain, even the Organic Hemp Seeds or the Organic Flax Seeds. It is said to have five times the calcium of even the organic Milk. Its calcium contain is even magnified due to its Boron content as this helps in the assimilation of the calcium into our bones and other parts of the body. It also contain a good amount of omega 3 and omega 6 which are essential oils for a healthy body. What can be said about this nutrient dense food. The list of benefits is rather long, but not limited to the above and, source of Soluble Fiber, a natural appetite suppressant, etc. Soak the seeds to make a healthy gel. Even though tasteless, this gel of the organic chia seeds continues to show itself as a truly whole-body nourishing and revitalizing compound.