Terms of Use
By placing an order(s) on the Online Store of T.G.L Organic, you are in essence accepting the terms and conditions of our store. This Online Store is governed by the following Policies, Conditions and Terms:

Typographical Errors
Although we make every effort to check and re-check our site for omissions, in-accuracies and typographical errors, we cannot guarantee that our online store is 100% error free. Furthermore, due to the method by which pages are listed on search engines and the fact that some outdated pages may still be displayed by some of these “engines,” we offer no assurance or guarantee against outdated product price, information and stock status. In the event that such outdated information or page(s) is accidentally accessed by any of our customers, such product(s) will be sold at the current and effective price, if such item is still a stock item. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel such product order if a mutual compromise cannot be met.

Price Changes
Due to the fact that Organic Products, especially, Organic Produce can be weather and season driven, and because of our commitment to quality and freshness and since we bring in fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables daily, T.G.L Organic reserves the right to change the price of a product without prior notice.

All Organic or Certified Organic label denotes Authority and Certification by one of these National, International or Global Certifying bodies, CCOF, QAI, USDA, OICA, ECOCERT, etc. Our Kosher products are Circle K certified, under the jurisdiction of the Organized Kashrus Labs of Brooklyn. We sometimes will carry 'non-organic' products for sale on our online store, such product(s) will be duly labeled and noted accordingly. Be assured that all non-organic products on our online store do not have an organic counterpart or cannot be labeled organic, such as Water, Wild-Caught Seafood, etc.

Warranties and Product Support
Food and Non-Food Products listed on our online store are warranted directly by the manufacturer. We can and do stand as the middleman between our customer and the manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us if a warranty or quality issue arise from any of our offered products.

Copyright and Trademark Notice
This Online Store, name, content, images, motto, slogan, registered and trademark labels, etc are exclusively owned and operated by T.G.L Organic and/or its parent company, and therefore protected by International Copyright and Electronic Data Transmission Laws. No part of this website may be used or re-produced without the written consent of T.G.L Organic and/or its parent company.

Medical Disclaimer
T.G.L Organic does not offer itself, its services, product recommendations, health benefit statements or its products as an alternative to medical advise. We offer our views and commentary only as our or widely accepted opinion as it does not in any way constitute Medical Advise. If you are un-sure about the effect that a particular product may have on you, please consult your physician.  "Medical" and/or "Health" type advise may or may not have been evaluaed by the Food and Drug Administration - FDA.  Our "health benefit and commentaries" are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

Address Correction
In the event that a customer's delivery information is deemed incorrect, insufficient (i.e. no suite/apt number, wrong zip/postal code, out-dated delivery information, etc) by any of our delivery or shipping methods or companies, there may be an additional fee or charge to re-deliver the package. Once the order is shipped, such fee/charge, will be charged to that customer's credit card or to the other payment method utilized by the said customer. We strongly urgue our customers to please double check their e-mailed order confirmation or invoice for any billing and/or shipping information in-accuracy. Please update your profile as needed.

Damage Claims
Please report all damage claims to our company immediately upon receipt of goods so that we may assess the damage or defect and so that proper steps may be taken to replace the damaged goods and, in case or non-food items, a timely claim filed with the shipping company affected.
The satisfaction and health of our customers is paramount to us.  T.G.L Organic, has a 'no questions asked' return policy.  At T.G.L Organic, we work very hard to source and ensure that the highest quality Organic Produce and Organic Groceries are deliverered to our customers.  In the very rare occasion that any of our products arrive to you and is deemed un-consumable, we will send you a replacement for the product in question with the same or similar product with your next order or process a refund for the item in question.  All return request for food items must be forwarded to our office, either via e-mail or telephone within 24 hours of the delivery of the said defective product. Returns and replacement request for non-food items must be forwarded to our office via e-mail or telephone no late than 48 hours from the delivery time of the said item. We may require that you write us a short explanation of the issue and also walk us through the steps to replicate the issue that you may be facing with that item. All non-food items returns must be in its original container and must include all the parts, accessories and packaging. We require that all items slated for return be packed tightly and well to eliminate the possibility of damage to that item. The cost of such packaging and shipping of the 'defective' item(s) is the sole responsibility of the customer.