Fresh, Local Organic Vegetables home delivery in the Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura County Areas!
Office Delivery and Nationwide Mail Order Shipping is also available!

  • Had your greens today? Treat your body to the life sustaining and enzyme-rich organic leafy greens. A quick stir-fry of greens and organic peas soothes the tummy just fine. Make them part of your staple organic food.
  • Enzymes, Vitamin and Micro-Nutrients rich organic salad greens should be an important part of the daily diet and food intake. Embrace the medicinal properties and benefits of fresh herbs for improved health!
  • Spice up your meal and your metabolism! Quality Capsicum rich Organic Peppers! Fresh and Certified Organic Tomatoes are always bursting with flavor!. You will always end up with "DELICIOUS".
  • Nutrient dense young sprouts of Organic Vegetables and Seeds like the Broccoli and the Sunflower are truly a gift of nature. Then feast your eyes on the colorful array of our delicious Organic Soft and Hard Squashes like the Butternut.
  • Have you investigated the numerous benefits of Organic Mushrooms? Do you know that the Organic Ginger does more than control nausea? Tried Yam Fries? Have you tried Organic Turnips, Celery Roots in your cooking? Start Today!
  • Organic Leeks and Potato Soup really warms the 'soul'. Try Organic Shallots in place of the Onion for a sweeter spark to your dishes. While here, grilled Organic Fennel is a great addition to your Antipasto Salad. Lip Smacking!
  • A collage of great Organic Flowering Vegetables and others. From the Organic Endive to the Radicchio to the Artichokes and the Asparagus, our exquisite and always fresh selection is sure to please your palate as well as your budget.